Themes of Fruit Machines

The Different Themes of Fruit Machines

Slot machines, or as they are most commonly referred to, Fruit Machines, developed greatly since they were first introduced. When these machines first made their debut, they were mostly themed around fruits, which is the reason behind the name, Fruit Machines. The symbols that used to appear on the reels included fruits such as lemons, cherries, watermelons and oranges among others. With the technology available at software developers these days, there are many other themes, they include:

Money Themed Fruit Machines:

It is a known fact that players play at the slots in order to win great rewards and cash prizes. This is why developers have created games that have a money-related theme or games that have a reference to money in their names. These games include slots like the Lucky Buck, Monopoly, Money Belt, Cashline and Cashpoint to name a few.

Appealing and Attractive Names:

Some fruit machines rely on their nifty names to appeal and attract players. These games include Nifty Fifty and Naughty but Nice among others.

Movie Themed Fruit Machines:

Some developers choose to build their games around a certain successful movie. These machines usually feature characters from the movie. For example, the Tomb Raider video slot machine. It is a game that is themed around the movie that has the same name, and it features Lara Croft in many positions and many of the locations that she visits in her movies. Another game is Rocky, which is themed around the Sylvester Stallone movie franchise that told the story of a young American fighter who is trying to be the best in the world in the boxing sport. Other movie themed gaming titles include Fantastic 4, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and James Bond.

TV shows Themed Machines:

Like movie themed machines, the developers choose popular and successful TV shows. TV shows themed games include East Enders, Coronation Street and The Simpsons. They can also be themed around TV game shows such as the Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal.

Myths Themed Machines

These machines are themed around mythological creatures and stories that are inspired by the Greek mythology or the Norse mythology. These games include Thunderstruck, which is themed around the gods of the North such as Thor and his mighty hammer, Loki and Odin. Another game is Jason and the Golden Fleece that is inspired by the mythology of Greece. There is another Greek mythology themed game, which is Stash of the titans; it features characters from Greek mythology such as Medusa, Aris, Zeus and more.

Misc Themed Machines:

There are thousands of other themes that do not fall under a certain category. For example, there are games that can be themed around car racing, summer, rich men, aliens, business, real estate and more.

The reason behind the many themes is that the slot machine gaming procedure is the same so developers create different themes to keep things fresh so players do not get bored.

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