The Law and Fruit Machines

The Law Concerning Fruit Machines

Gambling in the United Kingdom is regulated according to the United Kingdom Licensing Act 2003. According to this act, local authorities are the ones responsible for authorizing AWP machines in premises that have the needed licenses to offer alcohol. AWP stands for Amusement With Prizes. According to the law, any “All Cash” fruit machine can have a maximum bet or stake of 30p, as for the maximum cash prize that the machines can give out, it is fixed at £25. This limit is applicable on small venues such as pubs, chip shop, seaside amusement arcade venues and taxi offices. On the other hand, if the fruit machine is located in a venue where the owner has a club machine or a club gaming permit, the jackpot win offered by the fruit machine can amount up to 250 British pounds.

The placement of the games and the age restrictions are managed by the UK Gambling Act of 2005. This act controls who is permitted to play at these machines and it sets the limit of the jackpot according to the location and the player’s age. It also selected specific locations in which these fruit machines can be offered. This act also governs how many fruit machines can one establishment have. The maximum number of fruit machines depends on the location type, whether it is an amusement arcade, a taxi office or a chip shop. It also stated that any unlicensed businesses and locations are not permitted to offer any fruit machines at all anywhere on their premises.

This gambling act also regulates the payout percentage that these fruit machines are obligated to have. The minimum payout percentage is fixed at seventy percent. This is only applicable on land-based fruit machines. Strangely, online fruit machines at online casinos offer a much higher percentage despite the fact that they are not obligated by law to do that. Online casinos follow another set of rules and regulations, only the ones that are located in the United Kingdom have to abide by such laws. This is because there are a great number of offshore-based gambling operators and casinos that offer their services to customers in the UK. These operators are not obligated to follow the UK’s laws and regulations.

All of the data that is provided in this article represents the interpretation of the website to the current laws. We strongly recommend that if you are in a situation that obligates you to know the exact laws, that you should check the gambling commission or the local council in order to ensure that you create an accurate and an updated image on the laws and the regulations regarding fruit machines. The owners of this website are not in any way responsible for any inaccurate information regarding fruit machines’ laws and regulation in this article or anywhere else on this website. The law has a changing nature and the website will do its best to stay updated with these laws by amending its information from time to time.


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