Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

These terms are subject to sudden changes as well as planned ones. The website can carry out these changes at any time and it will not be obligated to announce these changes before they happen or notify its users after they happen. The nature of the term changes includes many things. It includes the introduction of brand new terms, deleting any of the present ones as well as modifying them.

http://fruitmachine.uk.net/ assures users that it will never use cookies on any of its pages. This is only applicable on the pages of this website. As soon as users click on any of the links that the website will provide, they will head to third party websites. When they venture off to these websites, http://fruitmachine.uk.net/ will not be responsible for them anymore. These external websites can use cookies and they can offer harmful content.

All of the content that is offered on http://fruitmachine.uk.net/ exists for research purposes only and all of the content belongs to http://fruitmachine.uk.net/. This is why the website can make any changes to this content as well as removing it.

We will provide external websites with certain services including advertisement and content. This content includes media, interactive content and text. All of this content belongs to the website and the website has the right to edit it in any way it sees fit.

http://fruitmachine.uk.net/ is not responsible for abiding by the rules and laws of the jurisdiction or country of the different users. It is the responsibility of these users to view and abide by their own country’s laws and regulations regarding what this site has to offer them.

Once users open the website and browse its pages, they are giving their approval to all of these terms.

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