Privacy Policy

FruitMachine.UK.Net Privacy Policy will need to gather some personal information and data about its users in order to identify the individuals who are using the services of the website. need to gather personal data that may include personal physical address, email address, billing address, first & last name, phone number, cell phone number, work address and more.

It is important to note that will never force users to provide certain data and that it will only gather and accept data that are given by users voluntarily. We will be able to gather this data through various means. This includes the registration form that users will have to fill in order to create an account on our website. It also includes the data that is gathered through surveys and polls.

Alongside using the data to identify the individual, this website will also use the data in order to deliver the services and the products that the users have purchased. This website will never share or sell this data with any third parties. This website will only share this data with affiliates, subsidiaries and partners of This website in order to provide users with customer support and transaction processing.

This website will never disclose the personal data of its users unless it is requested to do so by a legal authority. uses the most advanced security measures to guarantee the safety and the security of the personal data that is provided to by the users.

Users will be able to upload and add content to the website. This includes numerous media files. Users upload any media files or text that turns out to be offensive to other users will be punished and the media that they added will be removed.

Users can easily alter any of their personal or contact data by contacting customer support.

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