Luck or Skill?

Fruit Machines – Is it about Luck or skill?

Fruit machines are usually seen by most players and amateur casino goers as pure games of luck, although these games do depend on a big percent of luck, it is not the whole picture. This is because the main quality that sets the difference between slots and fruit machines is the fact that there is a percentage of skill in fruit machines as it is not 100% about luck. In fact, until the 1960s, all fruit machines in the United Kingdom were required by British regulations to calculate payouts partially depending on the players’ adroitness.

These days, fruit machines dramatically vary in design and type. These fruit machines can be enjoyed by players at the traditional environment at the local arcade or pub or even on the internet through online casinos. Online casinos let players enjoy their favorite fruit machines without having to get out of their house. If you are looking forward to test your skills and not depend entirely on your luck, then you should avert away from the slot models that depend on luck, they are called “chance” models. Instead, you should focus your attention on other fruit machines that depend on skill.

These skill-based fruit machines will offer numerous features that can’t be found at chance based slot machines such as the nudge button and the hold button. The hold button lets players hold two or more reels while spinning the rest of the game’s reels. This feature is widely common in most fruit machines. As for the other feature, the Nudge feature, it is much less common than the previous feature. This feature lets players move the reels down or up a notch in order to get a winning combo of symbols so they can claim a payout.

Another bonus feature at skill-based fruit machines is the trail numbers. This feature can be found at sophisticated fruit machines. These numbers will appear besides the usual symbols. These numbers have the ability to trigger certain bonuses and wins if they are combined correctly. Therefore, if you are playing on a fruit machine that offers the trail number feature, make sure to look at triggering bonuses with them as well as getting and lining identical reel symbols. These features make it clear that fruit machines are not only based on luck as these features help players use their skills in order to increase their chances to achieve great payouts and wins.

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. This is why the best way to enhance your skill is to play a lot to practice. Some websites and online casinos will let you place bets on these games without wagering real money through the practice mode. This way you can understand the game and work on your skills so when you play with real money, you can reap great rewards. It is also recommendable to choose a game you are good at and stick with it so you do not have to work on your skills on different games.

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