History of Fruit Machines

The History of Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines’ history differs from the Slots Machines’ history because a fruit machine is not the same as a slot machine, it is one of the many kinds of slot machines. Fruit machines evolved out of slots. The very first slot machine was invented and designed by Charles Fey, this is why he is often called the Father of the Slots. He should also receive the credit for sparking the idea of fruit machines. This is because he is the one who started the fruit machine craze that quickly spread across the United Kingdom and other parts around the world.

In the 1900s, the popularity of slot machines was on the rise. The slot machines at that time were very simple and they had a limited amount of symbols that appeared on the reels. These symbols usually included sevens, bar symbols (1 bar, 2 bar and 3 bar) and fruits. These fruits included cherries, lemons, oranges and watermelons. From the moment fruit machines were invented, there were regulations attached to them but it was not until the mid 1960 in Britain when regulators and lawmakers stated that for a game to be legal and for players to win a prize, there has to be an element of skill. So in the United Kingdom, as long as there is a minimal amount of skill needed to win, the game is legal and payouts can be made.

Fruit machines became one of the biggest cultural fixtures in the United Kingdom as they spread across many venues in the UK such as local pubs and amusement arcades as well as other locations that experience high traffic of people. In fact, in the 1960s, the presence of these fruit machines began to overwhelm the presence of any other types of games at the arcade gaming venues. This is because people from all over the United Kingdom flocked to these arcade gaming venues in order to test their luck and skill so they can enjoy the prizes that the games can offer. As popular as they are, they can’t be found at casinos, this is because casinos in the UK, like other casinos around the world, offer slot machines.

The first ever fruit machine did not give out any money prizes. Players would place money into the fruit machine and spin it and if they win, they can win drinks, food or cigarettes but not cash. In 2007, fruit machines started to invade the online gambling world as online casinos started to transform these fruit machines into online casino fruit machines so they can offer them to their online players. Software developers began to develop different versions of these fruit machines to add a variety to their content. In fact, due to the popularity of these fruit machines, online casinos are regularly adding new fruit machines to their content to keep it fresh and updated. Some of the top fruit machines are powered by software developers such as Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and Betsoft Gaming.



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