Big 5

African animals and the African desert, this is what you can see in this three reeled slot machine. This game is provided to a long list of online casinos by a leading name in the industry, Microgaming. This means that players can expect to find the fruit machine at top online casinos such as Gaming Club and Jackpot City among other online casinos. The game has a very simple format and setup of 3 reels and one middle payline.

The symbols that appear on the reels of the game and the single line include the Lion, bar symbols (one bar, two bar and three bar) and cherries. Under the reels of the game, there is the name of the game and animals from Africa. The software developer chose the biggest five animals in the African desert to present them in this slot machine. These animals are the lion, zebra, elephant, a tiger and a wild cow.

On the right side, players can check the paytable of the game. This paytable shows players all of the winning payouts that they can earn through line combinations. It will also show players the combination of symbols that they will have to achieve to get the payout. The paytable is divided into three columns that show players what they can earn depending on the number of coins that they have placed. The highest paying symbol of the game is the Lion, it can give up to 2500 coins if players place the highest bet.

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