Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide for Fruit Machines

Fruit machines have managed to become one of the main parts of the UK pub culture just like fish and chips and football. These days, there are many fruit machines in numerous venues, which made it easier for players to enjoy a rewarding quick spin on these machines.  The popularity of fruit machines is not only rising in the UK but it is spreading like wild fire all over the world as people flock to online casinos in order to enjoy these machines. Here are a few things you should know about these fruit machines:

The Background:

The concept behind these machines was first invented back in 1887 when an immigrant from Germany who came to the USA invented a device that was entitled The Liberty Bell. This machine had 3 reels and it had the same principles of the modern slot machine. It offered payouts to players who achieved a winning combo of symbols on the reels. This game was quickly adopted by all of the top gaming companies in the USA and the United Kingdom which eventually morphed into the fruit machines that we all know and enjoy.

The Principle Behind it:

Many of us have tried to beat the fruit machine at the local pub from time to time. For those who are new and don’t know how they work, the principle of the game is quite easy to understand. Most fruit machines have 3 spinning reels, each reel feature a set of symbols and numbers. Players will simply place the money and spinn the reels in order to get a winning combination of symbols on the middle payline . This is not the only way to win on fruit machines as many of the offer other features and bonuses such as the bonus ladder, the nudge and the hold feature. It resembles the same gaming procedure and principle of slot machines but with more features.

The Places to Find Fruit Machines:

There are many places that can offer these fruit machines. This includes casinos, arcade venues and pubs as well as chip shops and taxi offices. Due to the great number of players who look forward to enjoy fruit machines, online gambling venues have started to offer online fruit machines. This gives players the ability to enjoy spinning the reels of fruit machines while sitting at the comfort of their own homes. They can easily register an account and enjoy spinning the reels on the screen of their computer or laptop. Now, they can even enjoy them through their mobiles through mobile casinos.

These online fruit machines usually offer players a much higher payout percentage and a bigger maximum jackpot by letting players place great bets in return for greater rewards.  They also offer a much bigger variety of fruit machines than the land based pubs and gambling venues. This is why more players are now starting to prefer enjoying these fruit machines online rather than going to the land based venues.


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